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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 16, 2010, 5:04 AM

Jebus jiest got some overwhelming response to Cosmic Butane by sadist-oldman so overwhealming that i have not been able to thank everyone individually yet.
i am still slowing thanking people for the interest and support they showed.

hope misja:iconadflictus: gets the same response dont want him to miss out on the feeling.


We might change the name once Misja is back online.


I give all of my clubs, full permissions to display the deviations I have submitted to their gallerys, and in News Articles within DeviantArt.

:thumb41742701::thumb56764681::thumb130883895:Official DAA Supporter stamp by Dark-Arts-Asylum:thumb126375411::thumb132551401::thumb136063246:
  • Mood: Isolated
  • Listening to: tinnitus
  • Reading: the letters scrolling across my forehead
  • Watching: people's dreams
  • Playing: the pineal gland
  • Eating: the old lady's hair
  • Drinking: cerebral fluid
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Adflictus Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010
Thank you very much for collaborating, it was a great experience. Turned out wonderfully.

I got the file in the mail from you. I will upload it soon when i have taken care of a few other things.
Do we have a title for it? We could think out something if you'd like.
My part is more or less a mashup of scenes from a dream i had before i began drawing it.
sadist-oldman Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010
yes it wold be nice to give it a name. probably what you would have called your dream, as i just played the follower.
once you upload the file il add that to the devaiation.
Adflictus Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010
Great, i will think of something.
sadist-oldman Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
great name i see the cosmic part i wonder why the butane. if you dont mind you care to explain your dream.
Adflictus Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
I don't remember it perfectly but it went something like this.

I was sitting at a table drinking coffe in a devasted room with broken furniture and windows. A lady walked down from a ladder from the room above, when she looked at me i noted that she had a hole in her head, butane (or smoke?) came from her head while a vault spun. I got surprised and said -Lady, you got a hole in your head! -Don't we all? She replied. -No. -Oh yeah? You should see for yourself.
I went up to the ladder and entered a ruined bathroom with a broken mirror. I looked and saw exactly what she told me. I was more fascinated than scared by it actually. I looked at my teeth instead and to my surprised they started to bacame brittle and broke off into pieces. I freaked out and woke up.

I hope that made any sense, but to me it did not. I guess i just have much imagination.
Phosphoratus Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
:manhug: :#1:
Uranus-seventhsun Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist
Well, it's superb; it's well deserved.
sadist-oldman Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
thank you:)
Viv-Leoni Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010
sadist-oldman Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010
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