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Submitted on
August 11, 2010



The shore pulls me further.

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 11, 2010, 12:13 AM


i had mention id be back like before. unfortunately dont see that happening at the moment.

If anyone has anything important to say please just note me here.

Also many thanks to the people who faved.Cosmic Butane by sadist-oldman and Attack of Mr.G by sadist-oldman

and my new watchers.

I TRIED BUT 600 hundred messages are too many. i never delete what has not been read and answered. so hopefully in due time i will
reply to you guys and check the many new deviation.


I give all of my clubs, full permissions to display the deviations I have submitted to their gallerys, and in News Articles within DeviantArt.

:thumb41742701::thumb56764681::thumb130883895:Official DAA Supporter stamp by Dark-Arts-Asylumpeace by silent-rising:thumb132551401::thumb136063246:
  • Mood: Isolated
  • Listening to: my own thoughts
  • Reading: Hunter.S.Thompson
  • Watching: events of the future
  • Playing: in the fish bowl
  • Eating: my intestines
  • Drinking: the poison from heaven
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HangMansJoke Aug 15, 2010  Student General Artist
Best wishes from Canada to you, my friend.
You're not alone, trudging through the mental muck.
thank you, hope things are not too bad at your end.
:hug:'s all I got
its more than enough :hug:
Phosphoratus Aug 11, 2010
MATE! I hope that everything is ok!!!
The flood the flood! :fear: :ohnoes:!!!! :hug:
the flood has not affected yet, otherwise i would not have a pc, rather i am stuck with some mental shit and also going through something you just went through. but i think it was my mistake.
Phosphoratus Aug 18, 2010
DX *gasps*
I hope You're allright!!! U can fight with Yourself, but not with nature :(

If You want we can talk! I'm here if You need me, my friend.
I was there, and I can help somehow! :hug:
thanks Marius no by shore its not implied the nature . it is me mental health and life issues.(similar to what happened to you.)
but i am much better, seeing more positive days now.

But thanks alot i really appreciate it.

have not checked you work individually have it in my watch. but got to say the drawings seem to be improving.
check these two out they have a similar anatomical style. :iconadflictus: :icontimebush:
Phosphoratus Aug 27, 2010
I'm glad that You're feeling better, my friend :hug:
Remember, I'm always here if You want to drop some bad emotions :manhug:

No problem (:

That's ok :D awwwwwwww thanks! >w<

oh oh oh! Will check them out now! :eager: thanks!!!!!
hey thanks, im almost out of my mental rut.
now to kick the drugs!!, not the prescribed one.

sorry, i know you hate druggies.:|
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